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Welcome to Genesys Athletic Club!
Genesys Athletic Club is about the one thing that matters most – your health. Optimum health is a delicate balance between physical fitness, proper nutrition and mental well-being. Genesys Athletic Club offers a whole-body approach to fitness, and that’s where optimum health begins. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your eating habits, reduce stress, or train for an athletic event, Genesys Athletic Club wants you to succeed. Your goals and success are important to us – and we want to be with you every step of the way.

Genesys Athletic Club membership includes ongoing support, education and instruction to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. This is not a program, and there are no extra costs. This is membership!

*Senior limited memberships and discounted ifee on full membership available for those 55 years of age and older.


Health Coaches
Support • Encouragement • Connection

Do you remember playing Dodge Ball as a kid, and being the last person standing on your team? There you were – just you – against five or ten other kids. Odds are, you didn’t win. Achieving your health and fitness goals can be a lot like that – just you against the odds. What if you weren’t playing by yourself, but had the support of a team?

Genesys Athletic Club has a team of nurses, health educators and fitness professionals called “Health Coaches.” Their job is to help define your health and fitness goals, and offer support as you work toward meeting those goals.

Your Health Coach will:

  • understand your specific health and fitness goals
  • help define the obstacles that have prevented your success in the past
  • build strategies to help you overcome your obstacles
  • identify and introduce GAC team members who will support your goals and strategies
  • introduce you to our wellness website, your online support tool
Your membership entitles primary and adult first associates to two annual sessions with a Health Coach, allowing a continuous, personal relationship.


GAC University
Knowledge • Understanding • Truth

Infomercials, newspaper articles, Dr. Oz, your mother – everyone has an opinion on what “healthy” actually is. All of these sources seem knowledgeable and reliable, but are they? How are you supposed to know which information to follow?

Genesys Athletic Club offers a variety of classes on nutrition, fitness and health through Genesys Athletic Club University (GAC U). Classes are taught by Genesys Athletic Club staff and local health professionals. For more information on GAC U’s upcoming classes click here.


Fitness Specialists
Instruction • Training • Assessments

Nothing is more daunting than the words “Some Assembly Required.” Inevitably, you open the box to find a hundred parts, and one small piece of paper with a few diagrams labeled “Instructions.” Discouraging? Of course it is. What you need is a professional to explain what the parts are, and then how to put it together. No confusion. No wasted time. The same can be said for fitness.

Genesys Athletic Club has a team of degreed, certified fitness professionals called “Fitness Specialists.” Their job is to evaluate your current level of fitness, create a customized fitness program that will support you in meeting your specific health and fitness goals, and orientate you to our facility and equipment.

Your Fitness Specialist will:

  • complete a wellness profile
  • perform a fitness assessment to determine your current level of health and fitness
  • create your customized fitness program
  • perform a posture analysis
  • provide a facility and equipment orientation
Your membership entitles primary and adult first associates to an annual wellness profile, two annual fitness assessments and two annual customized programs through a Fitness Specialist, allowing a continuous, personal relationship.

Department Contact:
Tracy Lowes, Membership Manager
Email | Phone: 810-606-7523

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